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Title: Cool weather weekend.
Post by: chez on August 07, 2017, 06:38:08 AM
Well the weather cooled down big-time this weekend.
Was hitting Shahola for bass but the wind was blowing 18mph.     
Though I'd give the gills a shot Saturday evening.
Went to my GILL lake and a guy was FISHING my favorite spot for bass.ITS A GREAT GILL SPOT!!!!!
WELL,I went and tried gills at my bass area lol.
Caught at least 40,Kept 10 for lunch yesterday.
Deep fried I. Beer,flour and Oldbay.mmmmmm.

After lunch I decided to give bass a try on a water company Reservoir that they made public a few years back.
May what a good afternoon.
10 bass a half dozen Pickerel and a few Perch.
All on a FireTiger Spinner bait.
Was a blast.met 2 other guys there that were worm FISHING, they had some luck but,not like me.
I'll be back this weekend.
I keep a few again for a girl at the doughnut shop.