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IPW (Infamous Pink Worm)
« on: June 02, 2015, 10:12:11 AM »
Checked out my fly boxes and I noticed I'm down to squat on my worm patterns.

With this nice rain the last couple days, me thinks the trouts will be eating meat tonight.

Instead of the real thing, I'll fake em out via the fly rod.

Green Weenies - simply thread or small yarn wrapped around the hook shank (a Caveman can tie one).
(I tie them in brown & tan also - heck - I wrapped hooks with rubber bands before and caught trout).

But - the #1 worm fly that has beat the SKUNK for me many times - for both trout & steelhead -

is the IPW (created by a gent called Fred Bridges from Pa - now deceased).

Here is a link in case you are interested:

http://flytyingworld.com/PagesF/fredbridge.htm#The Infamous Pink Worm

I never thought that a HOT PINK worm would make fish hit.
I Thought Wrong.


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