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« on: June 21, 2015, 09:41:54 AM »

I hit MILLERS POND yesterday morning.Spur of the minute.Took the YAK out for first time this year.
Got on the water at 5.45am fished till 10.00am.One other boat was on the lake.Looked like they were Panfishing.
Lots of action,not too many big fish though.But still had a Blast.If I didn't catch 30 pickerel,i didn't catch 1.lol.Cast after cast they were exploiding on my top water baits every other cast.tons of fun.
My buddy RED BLURR warned me about the Pickerel population on this lake.LOL.
I did manage 4 bass,nothing of any size though.
I did hook into a decent one right by the dam before I left.It hit my floating rapala like the Pickerel were so I was in no hurry to hook it.When it jumped out of the water I realized it was a nice bass maybe 2 1/2lb.HE spit the rapala and it allmmost hit me..LOLI had a lot of fun.
I ice fished this lake back in the day.I remember getting EYES out of it,and nice Bass...Kinda forgot about it for 20 pluss years.Went back in January of this year ICE FISHING,Didnt do too well but I made a Point to get back on it with the YAK in the summer.So I DID.
Anyone with young kids would have non stop action on this lake with Pickerel.
I did catch 7 or 8 PUMPKINSEEDS on the Floating RAPALA and SENCO.Im gunna make a trip back before ice on ;)
What turned out to be a Joke,The Law Dogs  Dont Understand!!!!

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