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« on: July 02, 2015, 07:50:25 AM »
Yesterday, my neighbor Frank hollared through my screen door to come outside and check out what he got.

He had 5 Sheepshead mushroom - freshly harvested.
He timed the cuttings perfectly because they were in prime shape - nine colors, moist, not a bug or any dirt on or between their fins.

He gave me 2 of them - which I steamed then put away in freezer bags.

I thought I would return his favor a bit.

So, I wrote up a story and combined it with the pic and sent it to Don Jacobs at WNEP Channel 16 Pa Outdoor Life Show and asked if he would put it on the air during the People and Places show segment.

I did it so Frank and the folks at the VFW could
see a TV Star in the making.


FRANK HAUSE & the Perfect Sheepshead Mushroom

Frank Hause of White Haven is still picking some of the best Sheep's Head mushrooms to be found in NEPA.

After toughing it out against major heart and back surgery over the past 2 years, Frank is still able to roam his secret mushroom spots. Thankfully, Frank’s trusty mushroom sniffer - Fluffy - is always by his side to assist.

Being an "Old-timer" and the last surviving Charter Member of the White Haven VFW Post 6615, Frank may have lost a 1/2 step, but his eyes can still spot a mosquito on a Sheep's Head from 50 yards away.

He had perfect timing on picking that beauty, because there wasn't a single bug on that 23 pounder!

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