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« on: July 12, 2015, 05:12:35 AM »
On Fri afternoon I met up with HD at our top-secret, pre-determined gps coordinates.

The main point of this one-night camping trip was to ESCAPE HUMANITY and all the Horrors it has brought lately.

Fishing was so-so- the cold front locked their jaws a bit for flies - but a carefully retrieved rooster tail spinner was the ticket for wild browns and native brookies.

Here's are a few pics from our Oasis getaway:

The long and winding grassy access road:

Home Sweet Home for 24hrs:

50 yds behind tent (remember we old guys were RUFFIN IT!!):

On our way home Sat am - as soon as we hit the pavement of the State Route, HD spotted a yearling female Coyote Pup that evidently failed to remember an important lesson that its parents taught it:

Look both ways b4 crossing the street.

This was a fresh kill - not even a fly on the carcuss when I snapped pic.
The intestines were yanked out by a big bird - no ID -but definitely not a turkey buzzard. The dead yote was removed from the double yellows and left in a place where other critters can eat in peace.

Had a great time as always HD.

I feel rejuvinated and ready to face/fight the world for another week.

Unfortunately, I have a hellish work week on the horixon - and by next Saturday, I will feel like that yote.
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