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Author Topic: KICKED THE SKUNK TO THE CURB THIS MORNING  (Read 2951 times)

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« on: July 18, 2015, 11:50:17 AM »
Due to the cool wet weather we had this spring and into early summer, trout fishing had been on fire during the months of May, June, and up to a week ago.

The water temps finally reached the low 60's , the barometer was on a pogo stick, and i just think the fish decided to take a break from feasting on just about anything I threw at them.

The last three times I was out I got skunked twice (first skunks of the year) and the third - a lowly sunfish saved me from yet a third skunking.

This morning would be different.
I awoke at 5am to loud thunder claps and heavy rain approaching fast.
Instead of going back to bed, I headed out in a torrential downpour (free car wash) knowing this would be the game changer that I needed.

Did I plan on using the fly rod? nope.
Did I plan on tossing rooster tails? nope
Baby raps - nope nada zilcho.

I was going old school garden hackle - yup - red worms on a 6' UL rig with a little "bobber" as a strike indy.

I'll let the pics do the talking:

The car wash ended just as I was crossing the FEW dam at 06:15.

I arrived at my spot 15 mins later and had to wait out another downpour - which I caught up with after it passed by at FEW.

I had a pretty good hike along newly acquired public land parcels:

There was some good water to be fished on this land,


I had the skunk-from-Haydes to deal with, so I pulled out all the stops and decided to go behind enemy lines:

I felt so "dirty" passing by that tree. ;D

I followed a nameless little trib, bushwhacked and rock hopped to my destination:

I was tuckered out from the gymnastics required to get this far, so I took a seat on a
mid stream rock , fired up a smoke, and pondered the beauty and solitude around me.
(thinking about that skunk).

Nice stretch of water. Time to get some fish:

First cast - FISH ON - it was a NATIVE!!! -- CHUB!!

I'm not overly superstitious, but IMO - a fish on the first cast is oftentimes the ONLY Fish and ONLY BITE you get.. (Curse of the easy first cast).

But not today:

This brookie was landed moments later,

and another little Picasso Painting:

I caught 11 more brookies in a 1/2 mile of stream before I decided to head back to the car. I cut the line on 4 of the brookies - because I did not want to kill them trying to extract a deep set hook (the negative side of fishing garden hackle).

I stopped at this point (manana I will enter the stream from the lower end and fish 1/3 mile of pocket water up to where I quit this morning:

After I climbed a very steep hill, I sat on the guardrail, satisfied that the Skunk was Shucked off my shoulder, and with that good feeling I started hoofing it down the road to my car.

To my good buddy Mr HD.

I recently turned you on to a couple of my "top secret" trout spots..

But - this one is super special Top Secret.

The only way you will get the GPS coords out of me is with a bottle of that funny stuff with the Big Elk with the Cross between his antlers..

p.s. - bring a stomach pump and a couple rolls of paper towels to clean me up after you roll me onto my back -   so I don't asphyxiate myself while passed out with face in dirt. ;D..

What a way to start the DAY!!!

Is it time for Happy Hour Yet? ;D
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