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Author Topic: Cannonsville .....GONE!  (Read 2647 times)

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Cannonsville .....GONE!
« on: July 19, 2015, 07:22:28 PM »
Got a call from a friend of mine who runs a business in Hancock. Said they were doing repairs to the dam at Cannonsville NY & accidently bored into the bed-rock at the bottom of the dam, causing water to filter through to the other side.

To fix it they have to remove 98% of the water in the resiviour!...by Sept. the dam will be drawn down to 2% capacity. Right now they are releasing about 2000cfm from the pipes, 24/7.

He was already at a couple meetings, there is a chance although remote that the dam could break. Hancock will have about an hour & half warning before it and all the other towns along the river will be wiped out. Should the dam actually break it will take out every bridge from Deposit to the Atlantic Ocean. I'd bet my house that won't happen but they had to make the people aware of it.

They might suspend all size & bag limits if a big fish kill is imminent, hopefully the DEC knows enough to net those fish & transplant them elsewhere. Regardless, I'm going to take a ride when it gets that low just to see it.

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