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« on: August 07, 2015, 06:29:28 AM »
I thought our leader would of put up a picture or 2 of his surf fishing this week.
I hope he got into something good.
AW I guess when your on vacation you don't want to be messing with the computer.
Plus its family time...NO WORK. ;)
Hopefully he will post a few when he gets back.
Im heading out to the beach next Saturday for a few days.I cant stay the whole week but,my family is.I got work OBLIGATIONS.... :' I take far too many other long weekend vacations for fishing and hunting....(Im hopeing to get 4 days of fishing the surf in.
I will hopefully have something to post. :-\
Any one who like river fishing CATS,would luv SURF FISHING,If you have never done it and get the chance.....DO IT.
One of our members RAU,Tried it this year.I gave him some basic tips,and rig ideas and he had a ball ..HIM AND HIS KIDS :)He posted pictures back in june of his trip.
I sat for years on the beach watching guys surf fish,while I was sipping on my beer and the, one year about 20 years ago ,A bell went off in my head and I got into the sport.Im hooked ever since.You can get into it pretty cheep just to try it out.
I got some real great surf set ups now ,worth over $300.00.each Mid of the line.
I started with a $25.00 pole and reel a top and bottom rig.$2.00,a 8OZ sinker.$.75 back then.a Sand spike$4.00 and a tub of SQUID $5.00back then.
Had a blast.LBI,caught,BLUES,Sand SHARKS,also known as DODFISH,RAYS,CROAKERS and king fish.
IT was a great time.They couldn't get me off the beach that year.
O, I guess I started RAMBELING on.Im sorry.
I hope FM puts up some pics :)

What turned out to be a Joke,The Law Dogs  Dont Understand!!!!

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