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Author Topic: Awsome day on the pack!  (Read 5167 times)

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Awsome day on the pack!
« on: August 10, 2015, 07:20:04 AM »
Me and the wife left outa the state launch around 3 and despite all the nutcases makin some huge waves we had lots of action. 4 walleyes and 1 smallmouth. All between 4-7 pm. Got the. All off dipsy divers at around 17-20 feet. Trolled shallow cranks no color pref as they all took difrent colors but what i was suprised about is the slower we trolled the more action!  2 things thay have me stumped is not 1 hit off the downriggers? Same depth same baits but no takers.. All came of dipsys and most action off the ones runnin braid. 2. no stripers im thinking the stipers may be a little deeper than the eyes this times of year?  How do those walleye tatse we released all of yesterdays fish but next time wouldnt mind takin one home. If i can figure out how ill post some pics!

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