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Author Topic: PULASKI NY SALMON - My opinion differs  (Read 7460 times)

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PULASKI NY SALMON - My opinion differs
« on: August 30, 2015, 06:41:15 PM »
My opinion differs

I have years ofexperience winter steelheading up there.
I was never really into the salmon "fishing" - - aha - snagging, lifting, lining.

Yeah I know - one out of every 100 actually bite... if you can reach it through the hundreds of shoulders up and down and all around you - never mind the countless drift boats of recent years on every bend.

The DEC ruined the steelhead fishery due to unadultered NYS GREED.
They overstocked#'s and average size plummeted. Last year was a serious threat of some sort of disease due to it. Just like a fish tank - there is only so much biomass and room for so many fish.

The Salmon River - between Barclay DSR which has priced the common man out, to the DSR wannabees gaining a foothold upstream, to the countless guides and others, to the corrupt DEC which is supposed to protect resources - not develop them like a Disney theme park - the Salmon River is the MOST PIMPED waterway on the Eastern Seaboard.

Add all that BS to the never ending hordes of instant gratification internet fishermen and PIG THIEVES who break into vehicles -

well no big surprise that I will not be up there..

I'd rather fish Oswego - it is industrial, stark, and a dangerous place to fish --- but the fish are bigger - and the place is advertised honestly - vs- the Whoremonger PIMPS of Pulaski..

enjoy the half-dead Salmon that try to run the gauntlet.

sorry for peeing in your Cheerios, but I despise hypocrisy at the cost of Mother Nature.

I sincerely hope Ma Nature crashes the entire fishery as payback for Man's Greed.
Let the PIMPS get jobs at Lowes in Watertown.
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