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Author Topic: Paging Dr. HD !!!! Paging Dr. HD!!!  (Read 4324 times)

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Paging Dr. HD !!!! Paging Dr. HD!!!
« on: September 09, 2015, 03:32:07 AM »
OH NO FLO!!!!!

I gave up your TOP SECRET Lehigh River HONEY HOLE - (That I turned you onto ;D).


Started out just after dawn at


no really, I was there: (not an interweb dream)

The River is L O W - the fishing is S L O W..

If it was not for a smallie - I would have skunked out at the gauge stretch:

In case you are wondering, no - that fish is not roped. One of the rooster tail trebles snagged my wading stick rope -  quick yank via needle noses freed him to swim another day (I gotta keep him alive - he is the only fish I catch there these days - LOL).

I met a guy there, started chatting it up - and he was visting from Doylestown.
He offered me a Muddler Minnow he tied up - a piece of art that belongs in a glass case - I wish I could tie flies that nice..

I offered to show Matt another spot where i GUARANTEED he would catch trout on the fly rod.

So, I took him to YOUR NEW SPOT...

We caught many 5-6in YOY rainbows - what a great sign - lots of natural repo going on up there. (I highly doubt the PFC stocks fingerlings there - and I don;t care enough to write them and ask - besides - I think I am still on the "PFC Forbidden List" after I lit into  the former commissioner Norm "I'm a Dick" Gavlick - regarding the disgraceful stocking fiasco at Nescopeck State Park Lake Francis.

To top it off, I told Matt to go up and fish the rapids at he pool head - a sweet fat 17in rainbow gave him an circus aerial act and his smile told it all.

No pics of that one - the fish barely swam off after R&R..

but i digress:

Next morning at dawn I was at another of YOUR HONEY HOLES.
I lost a Big-Shouldered TANK BROWN (biggest I hooked in quite awhile) when it broke off about 3 feet from shore - after I finally rolled it into shallow water. My tippet snapped when the fishes belly hit bottom - must have had a nick in the line (lesson learned again - inspect & replace tippet). I felt ILL afterwards.

I was using one of my big bushy fugly muddler minnow flies..

Well, in 1 hr and 20 mins I will be standing in the same spot as pictured.
If Mr Tank is there - I am going to Bop him on the Nose with the Perfect Muddler Minnow my buddy Matt from Doylestown tied up for me...

I will let you know what transpires..
(Plan C may involve the use of high explosives)... ;D


During my travels I came across the tree that CHEZ fishes under:

Chez - you give a whole new meaning to the term "TWISTED UP"... hahahaha

just busting on ya buddy:

Don't forget to stop and smell the

I'm outta here, go to truck stop for a coffee and chat it up with the whacko store clerk, check two yote spots, then it is hammer time on Mr Tank...

I could use a net man HD - get your night owl DJ, college girl chasin lazy butt outta bed !!!! ;D ;D
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