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OXBOW October 3rd
« on: October 03, 2015, 07:37:13 PM »
WAS too rainy for me to bow hunt today,not so much the rain but,,the changing wind...Not for me.I did have a friend of mine text me he killed a big doe at 7.10am.i was happy for him.Crossed the river at FORTH JENKINS BRIDGE.SOme ofv the pipe was still showing.3 trailers at apple tree with boats out.river is up a bit but not too much.Crossed the falls brige,no one fishing ,,tons of shoeline.River is dirty everywhere I was.I sat in the house and did everything possible till 2pm.I decided rain or no rain I was fishing.had  grubbs and crawlers from last trip.a few PBRS in the cooler andaway I went..Got to OXBOW around 5pm fished till dark...Bite was non stop.Lots of smaller gills,mixed with the slammers.Got 4 over 10"..Could only fish with 1 rod,hads to put the second one away.Lost a trout in the weeds by shore at least 22"...Was a dandy.When the rain was falling the bigger gills hit.When it stoped the smaller ones hit.I had to catch 40 fish.Had the whole lake to myself.Walking back to the jeep I seen 7 deer running threw the field.I got wet bigtime but,i had a good time...I was solo again.No one wanted to get wet.I ended up with 13 real nice gills and a bullhead.threw a few bullheads back that were too small.I caught a few small perch also....I didn't catch a decent perch here all year? ??? ?Very strange...WELL I got some filletes to fry for Sunday Football.WAS A GOOD NITE. :)

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