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Author Topic: sighing off for a bit.  (Read 3783 times)

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sighing off for a bit.
« on: October 12, 2015, 07:17:40 PM »
WELL i decided to stay quiet for a while.My post must really start to be boaring.Lol.i post every day.man im double number to second in line, i got,1100 hundred post,compaired to second poster and MY FRIEND KING PERCH.Idefintelly post too much.
You guys keep up the good work.
I luv FMs sites All 3.They are the best.FM is a great host and leader.This is a great place to meet new friends,and get info.
I will check on from time to time,to get info,ill throw up any help i can be.Your a bunch of great guys.Its like we are a family.
See you guys on the water,or THE ICE,Icant wait.Be safe guys.
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What turned out to be a Joke,The Law Dogs  Dont Understand!!!!

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