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working the crate
« on: April 01, 2016, 07:26:01 AM »
Well, I've been working on my kayak lately. A guy told me that you should "rig to flip, dress to swim", and that made perfect sence to me. I was looking at my gear lately and realized that if and when I flip it, most of my stuff is going to the bottom. I decided to pimp out my crate and got 'er done last night.

looks good with plenty of room.

I add rod holders so I can troll.

and added a flag and stern light.

the stern light was a garden solar light from the dollar store but it only had one LED in it and that wasn't enough light. I found that my cheap 9 LED $3 flash light that is armor coated was a perfect fit so I epoxied it in place. Perfect.

All I got left to do is rig a couple bungees to hold it in the tank well and I'll be safe if the worst happens.

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