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homemade dash and scupper mount
« on: April 07, 2016, 08:10:02 AM »
I got myself a new Lowrance and had to figure a way to mount it on my kayak, after checking all the different options I settled on a dash so I wouldn't have to drill into my yak. I tried a swing arm transducer mount last year on my canoe and hated it and the FF uses DSI as well as HDI so I didn't want to do an in-hull mount and lose some of the sensitivity from the DSI so I decided on a scupper mount. The store bought dash is basically just a board with a riser. But then I would have to get a box for the battery and a scupper mount and even then it wasn't gonna do what I had in mind soooo. To the work shop!

I came up with a dash that would hold my battery and wires securely and I sort of over built it and made it as waterproof as I could in case I flip.

I filled the holes with closed cell foam and lined it with an insulating strip.

everything fit nice and neatly in side. Then I had to come up with the scupper mount. I used a piece of stainless threaded rod and made a small bracket out of a piece of 3/4x1/8 stainless bar stock. and added a couple pieces of closed cell foam to keep it centered, I cut the foam with a 1 1/2" hole saw.

It fit perfectly.

And I topped it off with a piece of a carving board I cut with a 2" hole saw and a thumbscrew I had laying around.

I have plans for adding a few other things as I go. The spaces on the side of the box gives me ideas... I'm thinking... down riggers  8)

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