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Author Topic: fortunately I have vises  (Read 21089 times)

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fortunately I have vises
« on: April 11, 2016, 11:01:21 PM »
Been on a jig tying kick
wondering if anyone on this site is at the vise often
or just tye a little
either way I been tying for a few yrs and now it's a addiction...
heard a saying before ...unfortunately I have vises,fortunately I have vises 
put my new lee pot to the test today...made 120 panfish jigs today from scrap collar lead I had
kicking around...mainly 1/16 some 3/32...so another addition to my madness ..as much as I'm thinking about this mold and that mold...I'm going to stay with just the one for awhile ...my plan is to burn out a bunch of each size(1/16-5/8oz)then just be able to reach for what I need when I need it...chime in
let's talk tying

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