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Author Topic: Ceasetown dam (pikescreek res.)  (Read 9145 times)

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Ceasetown dam (pikescreek res.)
« on: June 13, 2016, 04:35:33 AM »
Theve been doing a lot of work up there cutting trees,adding drains ext. Now a couple of people have told me they are planning on blue stoning it to control the algae because it's blocking drain pipes.they did this to crystal lake in mt.Top.not only does this kill algae but also fish. I believe it's got a copper sulphate compound in it. I hope this is only a rumor. If not another fishery may be harmed.some say the fishing is bad for only a couple weeks and the fish will head to deeper water with less affect. I don't know. But crystal lake took a beating from this.I guess it depends on how much they use and where it's placed and the size of the body of water.I also know that the algae up there has been getting worse every yr. And to much algae can harm a fish population also. Hopefully if they do it a balance can be met to satisfy everyone.
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