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Author Topic: "So close but he's got potential!"  (Read 3675 times)

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"So close but he's got potential!"
« on: June 15, 2016, 12:01:56 PM »

Got out last evening at my Secret Spot  for a few hours with the bride. The bite was very slow next to nothing but managed this little football head pig of a Bullhead just as the Sun settled level with the tree tops!!!! 

Personal best in the Bullhead Class for me too.  I believe the State Record Bullhead is 4lbs. 10ozs. for PA..

This guy hit on some cut bait off the bottom and put up one heck of a fight, screaming the drag the entire time on my 6lb. test mono!!

Good time!

Measured him with my new digital scale @ exactly 4lbs. and 19"

Measured, weighed, photoed and returned back to the wild!!! ;)  This fish certainly has the potential to growing beyond the record!!!

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