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Sweet Sunday on the water
« on: June 26, 2016, 06:59:42 PM »
The wife and I got out today in search of dinner. The target was Black Sea Bass, a species which typically hangs around 50-100' on rocky bottoms. We catch them on squid-shaped jigs tipped with squid, big chrome jigs with squid or a hi-lo rig baited with squid strips. They like squid. ::) Or just about anything that swims by small enough to eat, if you look really close this guy has a small white crab in his mouth. These are salt water fish so the tide plays a big part and we usually need 10-12 ounce bank sinkers to get meat to the bottom.

Anyway they are one of the most tasty of the saltwater fish, all white flaky meat. This guy got the oil about an hour ago. A big one is 5 lbs, 6 is a trophy. The picture is of a 3 lber. They have some cool colors which change throughout their lives since they are all born female and change to males as they age. No idea which bathroom they use. The males have a pretty blue color and that silly hump on their heads as you can see in the picture. This is about 3 miles off shore in Long Island Sound, 95 FOW.

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