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Author Topic: Yakin' at Slocum tonight Awesome Sunset!!!  (Read 3059 times)

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Yakin' at Slocum tonight Awesome Sunset!!!
« on: July 26, 2016, 10:04:05 PM »
Did a solo yak trip this evening to Slocum Park..  But the bite just wasn't there to cooperate with me.  Tossed all the hot lures but the fish wanted nothing to do with any of them.
Not a strike, rise or follow in.  Not even any decent fish rising on the lake.. 

Had a lot of boat activity on the water and had quite the entertainment at the boat launch!! ::) :o  I'm sure it involved alcohol to some extent.. Just lucky no body was hurt.

2 yakers paddled their way in whoopin' and just a hollerin'  one guy was yelling at the other about loosing his fishing rod.. don't know where. But it's it the lake somewhere!

Well, he literally paddled right into the shore and grounded the kayak and tried climbing out which didn't go quite so well. So he just did a roll over and fell out of the yak and into the lake and just wallowed there in the water by the boat dock for a while.  The buddy went up for the vehicle while the first guy staggered around the boat launch.
Well their next performance was loading the yaks on top of the vehicle. LOL  First yak went right into the rack nicely but the second somehow slid out and down and off the front of the vehicle onto the ground.. With more yelling and carrying on by the 2..
This all happened in about 15 minutes time and they quickly got loaded up again and drove off down Carverton Road.. Hopefully safely making their way home.

Be careful guys!!!!

But the best show of the evening was Mother Nature's awesome sunset tonight!

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