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Author Topic: Well....... it was bound to happen!!!  (Read 5393 times)

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Well....... it was bound to happen!!!
« on: August 14, 2016, 11:16:33 PM »
Amazing how things happen in Life!!!!

It just so happens that Myself, Chez and Spider were in this very same predicament this very weekend!!!!!  Chez got a treble hook buried in the hand this weekend and Spider helped get it out!! Got it out quick and all was fine.  That was Saturday morning.....

WELL.. Sunday evening my son was fishing at his neighbors pond next to his home and snagged onto the tail of a Carp. Got him in to shore and went to make the reach for the fish and the inevitable happens!  The frog lure pulled out and buried itself deep into his hand!  Guess he walked into the house and his girlfriend nearly pukes at the sight!  lol

My son Mike gave me a call and asked what to do... uggghhhh.. I thought..  how to explain this one over the phone on removing buried hooks yourself or going to the ER...
I live a 1/2 hour away and tried to gave my Fatherly advice on removing the hook but no success.

I finally said his best bet would be, just go to CMC in Scranton and have it professionally and medically removed by the ER staff since he will need a Tetanus shot too.

20 minutes later I call his girlfriend to see their status and she says he is still sitting at the kitchen sink trying to remove it!!!!  They never left for the ER..

Now I'm really feeling bad and worried as a parent!
 I quickly gave her the You-Tube link to watch on hook removal!  Well............. It worked!!!!  He's a little sore but the barb is out as this was a pretty large hook.

Best You-Tube video that is out there in my opinion!


*******Copy this Link and save it!!!!!!!!!!!  it works!!!!  He did the 2nd removal method!

A couple photos from this incident...

I'm not sure if this was before or after the removal... He was holding Ice on the swelling!

An identical lure he has...

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