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Author Topic: Okay, What's goin' on here?  (Read 10747 times)

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Okay, What's goin' on here?
« on: October 25, 2016, 09:13:00 PM »
Just a little good venting I suppose...  A lot has been happening lately...  Tis the change of seasons and I tend to flow with the seasons as my hobbies consistently change. 
Lately my fishing has somewhat diminished and I haven't wet a line in quite a while and my buddy Chez thinks I'm neglecting him. LOL   ;) 

I was going to do a Striped Bass surf fishing trip but my work schedule prevented a nice 3 day trip!

My urge for hunting season is taking over and I've been doing my best at getting out for some X-bow hunting, then it's squirrel hunting with the .22 and with all this recent rain I love picking mushrooms!!! :o
Now here's the topper!!!  The past 2 days my mind has been swirling with thoughts of Ice Fishing!!!!!
WTH????  Is it this recent cold snap?
I'm looking at ice huts(even though I have a brand new one), tipups and jigging rods and watching ice fishing youtube videos on different techiques!  The whole time thinking of what changes I can do to my own equipment.........  I was actually dreaming last night of ICE FISHING!!!!!! 

WOW... is my plate full or what?  Is this normal???   :o

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