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A few bass.
« on: July 31, 2017, 06:14:17 AM »

A girl at the doughnut shop I goto.
Clubs Bass Filets.
Now I luv Smallies out of CANNONSVILLE for Tablets or but I'm no big fan of lg.mouths for diner.lol.
I usually throw back all I catch.I do luv catching them :)
I headed out at 5pm.
Hit the lake for 6pm due to a detour for bridge work.
Motor Oil Senko was the bait they wanted.
I landed 13 and kept 5 of the smaller ones [[14 to 15"ers)) for her diner.
Was a fun nite.I stayed till dark.
No Top Water BITE again.
It's been a tough year for Top Water .
I had only 1 good Top Water BITE at Shahola.
And come to think of it,,,It WASENT really that GREAT.
What turned out to be a Joke,The Law Dogs  Dont Understand!!!!

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