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« on: April 16, 2015, 04:53:40 PM »

Me and my son BIRDMAN went picking Mud Bugs Yesterday after work.Ended with about 370.That not much considering i usally get 2000 a year.1 or 2 more trips hopefully.
Threw back hundreds of smaller ones.The weather has their growth slowed down this year.i usally start picking the middle of march.My spots were still iced coverd then.FM asked me to post some pics for the site.My screens are old but they still work.I made my own screen when i was 17,im 52 now and still use the same one.Patched it up threw the years but,still the same one.The Mudd Bugs are great for trout in lakes and even streams.Work on panfish even better.I fish them under a float no splitshot.that way it floats down natural.We hook them under the neck caller like a clipper.It seem to me,most fish take them head first.Build a screen,find a mudd hole and good luck.they are great bait.
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